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Unique is a small raiding guild on horde side of the EU-Draenor realm. The guild started on EU-Alonsus in April 2007, In February 2012 we left Alonsus and came to Draenor. Our goal is to make a steady progress through the content of World of Warcraft. We are focusing on the PvE side of the game, with scheduled raids 4 days per week. Our current progress can be found in the column to the right. If you are interested in applying to Unique use the Apply to Guild link in the right hand column. Your application will be kept on the private areas of our forum, and you will be contacted by the GM/officer as soon as possible.

Guild News

Maidens Mythic Down 8/10 Mythic Foundry

by Shroomy, 14 days ago

First night back on Maidens ends with a kill.

[Image: qh4pCZ2.jpg]

Blast Furnace next!

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Mythic Imperator Down. 7/7 Mythic Highmaul complete!

by Shroomy, 16 days ago

After making good progress in Foundry we decided to head back and finish Imperator and Highmaul off over the last couple of resets.

[Image: QzFAoZC.jpg]

Good job all. Will get a second kill for those who missed out in next week or 2.

Making progress into P2 of Iron Maidens Mythic, hoping for a kill next reset.

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Operator Mythic Down 7/10 Mythic Foundry

by Senatus, 37 days ago

[Image: VO1yfOy.jpg]


WW Monk PoV

Who needs Boomkins? Maidens Next!

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Kromog Mythic Down 6/10 Mythic Foundry

by Shroomy, 49 days ago

[Image: iydXzwb.jpg]

Trains mythic next. New favourite boss already and we only did 40mins of progress.

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Flamebender and Ko'ragh Down 6/7 Highmaul 5/10 Foundry Mythic

by Shroomy, 59 days ago

Quick kill of Flamebender and even had time to go and 3 shot Ko'ragh.

[Image: lqPMM5p.jpg]

[Image: 02X1erx.jpg]

3 bosses in a week with 1 day of raiding left still. Kromog tomorrow!

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