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Website Changelog


  • Upgraded MyBB to 1.8.1


  1. Fixed disappearing scrollbar in shoutbox.
  2. Editing a shoutbox message is now performed in a dialog box.


  1. Upgraded Mybb to 1.8.


  1. Added PM preview on PM title mouseover.


  1. Raid Logs now also display Warcraft Logs data.


  1. Updated the forum to 1.6.13.
  2. Raid attendance now displays percentage attendance for last 3 months.


  1. Changed raid attendance:
    • It should now correctly display monthly attendance in case of a person who joined the guild during current month.
    • Clicking on a character name displays detailed attendance data.


  1. Redesigned the guild gallery:
    • the script now automatically checks for new boss kill screenshots posted inside the news forum and adds them to the gallery
    • carousel-style navigation
    • more user-friendly uploader


  1. Raid logs are now loaded dynamically to prevent page slowdown and wild errors in case of request timeout.
  2. Fixed a bug that displayed an error when trying to ban a user.
  3. Added a Warlords-of-Draenor-inspired website theme.


  1. Added raid attendance page


  1. Added the option to move posts using the inline moderation tool (officers only):
    • can be applied to several posts at once
    • can't be applied to the first post of a thread
    • moved posts will have their timestamp altered to current time


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