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The Unique is now accepting Social members, these are people who may not have the time or be able to commit to the 4 nights a week we raid but wish to be part of The Unique, they might be friends or family of our members, older raiders who no longer are available for 25man progress or simply anyone who is a sensible, friendly and half competant player.

If you're interested in joining The Unique as a Social please read the points below and feel free to apply by clicking the "apply to guild" button on the main page. On the application there is a question that says are you applying for the 25man group, 10man group or as a Social, Make sure you select Social so we know thats what you are interested in. You will also note the application only requires Social apps to answer certain questions

1) All social members would have to abide by current guild rules this just means we dont want people being rude or insulting to anyone else in guild chat we can all take a joke when its said in the right context but some thing are to far, any reports to officers from those in or outside of the guild about inappropriate behavour would be taken very seriously. We care about the image of our guild and we expect others who wish to be a part of Unique to care as well. We would have a system of 3 strikes and your out where if someone did something wrong 3 times or were reported to officers 3 times they would simply be asked to leave the guild. Each time an officer is spoken to about someone that person would be told what they did wrong and if nessercery why that was wrong.

2) Social members would not be asked to our main progress or farm 25man raids. Socials would not receive invites on the calander and would only be asked in after member, private and inititate ranks. With our new policy of keeping a larger raiding roster this is very unlikely to ever happen.

3) Social's need to remain at least semi active, how active you are in guild chat isnt what matters, but actually being online is nessercery. There will be a cap of 25 Social members in the guild. Social members will be alowded alts in the guild which will remain at the alt rank

4) Social members would have the option to become Private members and eventually Members if they wished, this would require speaking to officers and eventually you would be asked to resubmit your app, assuming we needed the class you wished to play and your app was fine we would promote them to private and they would get invites to raids, those who showed up meeting attendance target and performing well for 2 weeks would be promoted to member.

5) Social members would have access to the forums but only what initates have now. This just means you would be unable to see or comment on apps you may be asked to comment on somebody who applies if they mention they know you as someone in the guild.

6) The current application template will be updated to show which questions on the app are for raiders only, as mentioned above there is an option to specify you wish to apply as a social member. We expect you to fill it out the same way you would if you were applying for a member spot, your application is your first impression to us as a guild and shows so much about the person you are, spending 2mins writing 1 line answers isnt what we want, you dont need to write an essay but the questions are on the app to be answered not to be ignored.

The Unique is a 5 year old guild and we intend to be here for some time to come, if you're interested in joining us for your friends in the guild, or you never had the time to fully commit to raiding before we feel this is your opportunity.
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