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The Unique Guild Policy 10man version

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re: The Unique Guild Policy 10man version
The Unique is an established and respected PvE based, end game raiding guild. In order to continue our success we recruit players that are lvl 85 and we tend to stand by a policy of 18 year olds and above so as to keep the guild a mature place for everyone.

For the casual 10man team we allow 1 main character for 10 man raiding. You are required to work on your main to make them the best they can be. This includes appropriate gear, gems, enchants, reforging and talent specialisation for your class and role.

Whilst on trial we allow you to bring 2 alts into the guild during your initiate period. If you are made member you can then bring in all your alts. We do however ask that you restrict this to mainly active alts. We also ask that you remember that your main characters will always have priority before alts in all matters.

As we are a PvE guild, if raids are planned on the in game calendar, it's expected of you to be available for raiding if you are online. When we are not raiding, we may be running lower instances to gear up players and prepare them for end game raiding, etc.

All initiates will have at least a 2 week trial period, although this trial period can be extended. After your trial period comes to an end, the members of Unique will vote with their decision on whether to make you a member, extend your trial or remove you from the guild. During the trial we have a chance to get to know you and you have time to see if The Unique is the right guild for you. Regarding loot whilst on your trial- if loot drops in a raid that a member and an initiate needs, the member will have highest priority on that particular piece of loot, unless the member(s) wish to pass. If no members need a piece of loot, initiates will be asked if they need it.

Any member that has a planned absence that will last for more than 1 week should announce it in the guild forum. Anyone that’s inactive for more than 1 week without giving notice, will be demoted.

In order for the guild to be able to buy reagents, potions and other things needed for raids we will keep a guildbank. If BoE epics drop in raids they can be rolled on by members that need them on their main characters. If no member needs the item it will be stored in the guild bank and can be bought by alts for a lower price than the auction house.

In raids we use Masterlooter with more or less free rolling on epics. As mentioned above, initiates doesn't have rolling rights, but will be asked if they need items if no member wants it.

The Unique will not tolerate any abusive language or anger towards other guild members in guild chat or whispers. If anyone has a problem with another member, this should be brought up with an officer/GM and not directly with the guild member.

We require players that want to join The Unique to know their class well. For our raiding success there may be occasions where we ask you to respec into a particularly useful talent for certain fights.

In order to continue being a successful raiding guild, we require that our members and initiates have a fairly high attendance rate. Members/Initiates that are unable to keep a good rate of attendance may be subject to demotion or removal from the guild.
02-04-2011, 03:56
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