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The Unique 10man Raiding Rules

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re: The Unique 10man Raiding Rules
Guild raiding rules for the joy of everyone:

1) Listen to the raid leader and officers.

2) The casual Unique 10man group raid 2 days per week. The time is between 10:30pm and Midnight on Tuesday and between 8pm and 11pm on Sunday. All times are server time, Invites start 15 min before. Make sure to be at the raiding site in time when the invites are starting. Members on time will always be picked before members that aren't yet present. Everytime you aren't on time you are being disrespectful to your guild members and wasting their time.

3) If you have a problem or question during raids, whisper the raid leader. Never argue in raid chat!

4) Make sure you have needed addons for raids and for your class installed and working before the raid. You need to have Deadly Boss Mods and Omen Threat Meter or something similar to those two.

5) Everyone must be able to listen on Ventrilo. Make sure you have it installed and working before the raid starts. Having a microphone and being willing to talk is not essential but is useful. The raid leader will do most of the talking.

6) Always come prepared! On progress raids there is no need to use consumables during the first tries when we get a feeling for the fight. You should always be equipped to pot up the most you can when called upon.

7) Always get knowledge of the targets before the raid. Read up on tactics and watch movies of the fight. Make sure you know what will be asked of your class in any given situation.

8) If you need to go afk in raid, say it in raidchat or whisper the raidleader and make sure you get an answer. Never leave without saying a word, even if for a short time.

9) Selection for the raid will be made based on those availiable, on progress raids it is likely DPS will be overlooked if a specific setup is needed. On farm nights people not needing loot drops from the instance will be overlooked to try and maximise loot drops. If you feel set aside speak with the raid leader first, understand he may not be able to speak with you untill after the raid has finished.

10) Loot rules is free rolling for all members. Initiates aren't allowed to roll, but will be asked if they need items that members don't need. Tier tokens can be subject to special rules, to ensure that as many as possible can have important set bonuses.
02-04-2011, 03:55
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