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Rainbow  Hi
Devotii was taken but none of my emails were valid for password retrieval so I just made a new account. :embarrass:

Long time no see, got caught up in after uni "stuff".
Graduation, seeing people and job seeking/getting job.

I have not decided if I'll be back for MoP but if I am, it would be casual only. Working is very tiring. I don't know how you old people do this! :lol:

Am I still on the guild roster and do you keep casuals still? If so, I'll probably subscribe again. Might make pots/fish feast for GB also.

17-09-2012, 23:33
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RE: Hi
Devotii was taken because thats the username that neth set up for you when we transfered the website. The password and email attached to the account are just rubbish that you would change when you login. If you look on the old guildlaunch site you will have a pm from neth with your password in it. No matter now since you made a fresh one.

Your still on the roster as social mate, maybe see you back at some point in MoP.
18-09-2012, 12:08
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RE: Hi
Got it sorted, thanks.

[Image: ZoJp0.gif]
How to celebrate winning 2 MLG's in a row...
18-09-2012, 19:30
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