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I just wanted to explain some things.
I got accepted into this guild and then just suddenly disappear and that isnt a good thing but i couldnt help it.
First of all someone close to me died and after that my computer blew up so i couldnt do anything. And at that time wow wasnt my first prio if i say so.
I just wanted to write a small explanation so you dont think i just disappeard without any reason.
I would wish to play with you guys and get a new chance but i understand its a longshot but atleast you know what happend now.
Thanks in advance and see you around
30-08-2013, 14:31
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RE: Hello
Sad thing to hear that someone close died and that your comp blew up.

RL > Wow anytime.

If you are going to start playing again, when will that be? Since your comp blew up.

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30-08-2013, 19:34
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RE: Hello
Yea RL -> Wow
My computer should arrive on monday or tuesday. So either from tuesday or wendsday.
I orderd a new one on the internet so it takes some days for the shipment.
30-08-2013, 22:22
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RE: Hello
I would say, take the time you need and make sure that you want to play etc. It's not fun to feel forced playing a game etc when RL is tied up and so on.

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30-08-2013, 23:10
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RE: Hello
I want to play..Thats not the issue. I love this game and so. It was just RL that happend. I needed to take care of my mother and so.
I want to progress with you guys and down this bitch LS and progress in future content.
31-08-2013, 00:00
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