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Madness 25 Heroic Down! 8/8

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re: Madness 25Heroic Down! 8/8
Next will probs be another heroic clear to finish things off, there are also people who deserved to be on that madness kill that sat out for various reasons, either not feeling good on wednesday or healers that sat out for MS DPS sometimes even initiates, those guys all deserve their kill. The week after will be the first of 2 glory mount weeks. (not it will take 2 weeks to do but we will do them twice. Will wait roughly a mounth between the 2 runs before finishing normal acheives agen for anyone who missed out on first run.

Like Fireands you must kill 7/8hc before you can pull madness hc and unfortunately the acheivements on hagara and gunship are pretty much impossible on heroic.
03-05-2012, 21:11
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re: Madness 25Heroic Down! 8/8
Well done, congratulations

[Image: 35am4w2.jpg]
07-05-2012, 16:23
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re: Madness 25Heroic Down! 8/8
did anyone fraps this btw?
08-05-2012, 03:03
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