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Introducing myself
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Introducing myself
Hey guys! Wink

After joining the guild last night and the thousand "welcome" messages I got, I feel like I need to make the first contact with the members, because it was only very puny yesterday and I didn't really have opportunity to jump into voice chat and say hi yet.

Well I am the new hunter recruit joining together with my boyfriend Karliee, who also submitted our joint application :D

Thanks for invite, yo. :D

The forum is insanely active and as I have a boring job, that doesn't allow me to log into WoW (yet, I'm soon hacking the firewall ports hueheuehue) I can lurk around the forums and explore Unique from their webiste :)

We will be starting our raiding trial from next week on, so you will see us in the raids, too. For now, we can do something outside raiding, so if anyone wants to do with us some mythic dungeons, alt runs, Taanan dailies, give me a shout in game and we will be up for it ^^.


04-02-2016, 12:44
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RE: Introducing myself
Hey, welcome to the guild :) hope you both enjoy it here.  

"The greatest swordsman who ever lived, killed by Meryn fucking Trant?" - Gandhi
04-02-2016, 13:55
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RE: Introducing myself
Good to see you feel welcome and thanks for making this thread.



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04-02-2016, 14:15
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RE: Introducing myself
Hi there :) and welcome, if there is anything just ask ingame or via PM on the forum.
04-02-2016, 14:22
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RE: Introducing myself
Oh hai!
04-02-2016, 18:16
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RE: Introducing myself
'ello thar!
04-02-2016, 18:50
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