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Legion, dead ahead!
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Legion, dead ahead!
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Hello everybody!

Just a notification to everybody, we're now using Discord for VOIP as our Teamspeak server has gone down. Ask an officer for the details!
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As we're halfway through the Pre-patch for Legion and with the new site design, I thought it best to make a new news post letting everybody know how to prepare themselves and therefore the guild for the expansion. Below I'll post a list of threads on how you can keep us informed and how we can keep you informed about certain aspects of the expansion.

Returning Raiders - post on this thread:
Let us know which classes you'll be interested in playing and what you can offer the guild again!

Post on the Professions thread:
If you're a crafter, let us know. It helps us craft within the guild, rather than paying someone over the Auction House.

Let us know which class & spec you'll be playing:

It really helps the officer team with recruitment if we're able to get a better idea on which classes we have, and which we don't (who'd have thought?).

Voice your opinion on the proposed guild raid/time changes!:
As we came closer to Legion, an idea was brought up to change our raid times to something else. Don't worry, we'll still be raiding the same amount of hours!

Get up to date on Legion information, tips & tricks and more!:
People have been suggesting things that we should all take into account for Legion in order to get the most out of the hectic start of the expansion.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all logging in on the 30th, PREPARED!
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RE: Legion, dead ahead!
14-08-2016, 17:46
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